Media and investor relations activities require a cumulative long-term effort, with multiple “touches” of the media and the investment community, before a discernible increase in media and investor interest becomes evident. Building reputation takes a long time, loosing reputation can occur within a very short time. Also, there is very little long-term residual value to media and /or investor relations if they are halted. Even if such a program has been in existence for years, its cumulative effect will vanish within a certain lapse of time once it is stoppped. Therefore, in case of very limited budgets, we tell our clients to opt for a long term strategy with a low budget. Journalists and investors need to get used to form and contents of the messages of a new source. They need to be convinced that the new voice will be there permanently and will be of relevance. For this, continuity is key, the budget is not. DE CONCERT COMMUNICATION 06/01/14

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