At the CHOSUN FORUM on Monday September 21 in the Crystal Ballroom of Hotel Lotte in Seoul, organized by the leading Korean newspaper THE CHOSUNILBO, Dr. Herbert Koch (see above in the middle) presented a checklist of 10 questions to be asked to see if one is prepared for crises:

1/ Do I regularly update my risk management strategy: eliminate, reduce, transfer risks and develop crisis preparedness?

2/ Are there still risks on my list, which are just too big to handle?

3/ Do I prepare for traditional as well as novel crises?

4/ Do I define and analyse risk groups and improve their resiliency capacities?

Do my plans

5/ – promote the taking of individual or collective responsibility outside of hierarchical structures?

6/ – address the orchestration needs of top down and bottom up management approaches?

7/ Can a crisis group with the most suitable experts be selected, convened and get operational at any given moment?

8/ Within the crisis group, are the crisis management and crisis communication functions clarified as well as their cooperation procedures?

9/ Have I prepared scenarios and selection procedures with regard to the most suitable crisis response strategies and plans that will guarantee their coherent application?

10/ What criteria have I defined that will indicate when the (post-)crisis-phase has come to an end (and the next crisis has started)?

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