June 2014 – According to a recent BBC poll conducted by GlobeScan and PIPA with randomly selected people in 25 countries, a majority of people polled on all continents said Germany had a positive influence on the world. The UK saw a bigger increase in positive ratings than any other country and climbed to third place in the table, in the wake of its hosting of the 2012 Olympics. France was more positively viewed in 2013 than a year before. (The above picture shows the Reichstag in Berlin, the German parliament).

More than 26,000 people were surveyed internationally for the poll. They were asked to rate 16 countries and the European Union on whether their influence in the world was “mainly positive” or “mainly negative”.

Of those countries, 22 have been surveyed two years in a row, so become the tracking countries on which the average ratings are based.

These averages exclude the target country’s rating of itself. So for example, the opinions of Germans on Germany are excluded, meaning the country’s average rating is based on 21 tracking countries.

In Spain it was felt that Germany had “a mainly positive influence in the world”. In Britain, it was even higher at 78%. In France 81% – the poll indicates that four in every five French people look over the border with approval!

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Source: BBC News Europe


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