Capture d’écran 2015-11-29 à 21.18.53De Concert Communication is proud to announce that his client ARTWEGER is one of the first to win the new Iconic Award in Interior Innovation. What exactly is this new prize created by the German Design Council and awarded in January 2016 in Cologne?

From spoon to city: Faithful to the motto coined by architect and designer Max Bill, the German Design Council has devoted itself to comprehensive environmental design for over 60 years. Brought to life at the initiative
of the German Bundestag and endowed by German industry, the task of the Council is to improve the quality of the environment through good design in every area.

The German Design Council’s ICONIC AWARDS are a representation of this idea. As international architecture and design competitions that assess how various disciplines work together, they have established them- selves as an internationally acknowledged benchmark for the communication of comprehensive design.

With the new ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation competition, which develops the former Interior Innovation Award even further, the German Design Council is challenging itself to make a successful format even better and to lead the way into the future with an expanded concept. The focus is on connecting the worlds of architecture and furnishings.

Innovative top performances from every product sector in the industry are what guide the image of the ICONIC AWARDS: Interior Innovation and ensure a high level
of awareness on the market. By actively appealing to relevant target audiences, and thanks to a wide inter- national reach, companies enjoy multiple benefits from their participation in the competition and gain access to an exclusive platform to set their products apart and ensure their long-term position in the market.

For more information and the members of the Council, see the following presentation

November 28, 2015 – De Concert Communication

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