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Four years ago, De Concert Communication was in charge of all press and public relation activities in connection with the first concert of the star composer and writer AR RAHMAN (see above: a photo of the artist promoting the event) in Paris. This concert was set for July 17, 2010. We managed to have a lot of articles printed and many announcements of the concert on the Internet, see:

De Concert Communication also managed to get media partnerships with LE MONDE, L’OBSERVATEUR, BEUR FM, MONDOMIX etc. Furthermore, sponsorship partnerships were arranged with companies such as LEBARA, WESTERN UNION, STAR PLUS, PULLMAN HOTELS AND RESORTS and more.

AR Rahman press conference Photos 3

De Concert Communication organized and led the press conference with French journalists dated June 6, 2010 at the Pulman Hotel in Paris while the artist responded to questions out of Washington where he was on tour on that evening, see the press invitation here.

Despite our efforts, the concert was canceled less than a week before the planned event. Two reasons were given: bad box office results in Germany which affected the European tour as a whole and a conflict between the tour manager and the artist which ended in a legal battle.

What had started as a PR mission ended in crisis communication activities: we had to inform the general public of the cancellation of the concert and of our role in this project. See our statement dated July 15, 2010.

Luckily, we were able to inform the newspaper LE MONDE of the cancellation of the concert a couple of hours before the publication of a one-page-article which had been arranged by our company. LE MONDE had invested a lot in this article: a travel to meet the artist in the UK and a photo shoot of the artist in Los Angeles.


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