CLUNY, May 16, 2014 – “Working with students has been part of my professional experiences for a long time now”, says Herbert Koch, Senior Consultant with de concert communication. Since 7 years, Herbert is teaching engineering students at the ECOLE NATIONALE SUPERIEURE DES ARTS ET MÉTIERS (ENSAM) in Cluny in Southern Burgundy in France, management and communication related topics. (Above photo: Students are working on a crisis strategy for their associations during courses on May 16, 2014).

“The exchange with young and talented students is very rewarding” says Herbert. “First, I am not an academician but a practicioner. I therefore can present case studies which are taken from my work as a consultant. Secondly, having an international background, I try to face the students, most of them have experienced the French educational system for all their life, with other views. Just an example: You must realize that in France, nuclear energy is still regarded as being an “energy of the future”. In other European engineering schools, much more emphasis would be given to the renewable energy sector.”

This spring, around 60 students had to produce risk audits and a crisis communication strategy for their students’ associations. The below board shows names of associations and some of their members. One of them is the association that organizes the yearly big festive event, the “Grand Gala”. This single event attracts more than 6 000 visitors.


Over the years, DE CONCERT COMMUNICATION has offered internships to several ENSAM students. With a solid background in engineering and additional studies at HEC or other schools, these students now work in marketing and communication related areas. Since 2008, Herbert is also giving courses at the communication school CELSA, which is part of the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Since its creation in 2004, DE CONCERT COMMUNICATION offers training in management, strategy and communication related topics. It has given courses to more than 50 clients in multiple fields. More information is available under Experiences.


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